Browse the web and share links with javascript disabled.


Sometimes1 things are just better without javascript

You can view a few examples on the blog

And I can list a few benefits with noscript

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Here are a few suggestions to try

Sounds good, how do I use it?

You can either go to this page and enter the destination in the little box at the top, or you can use this bookmarklet.

Drag the link below to your bookmarks bar. Then when you are viewing a page you want to browse using, you open the bookmark.

If you are on mobile you need to copy this code and create a new bookmark


How do I share a noscript link?

Just copy the link from your browser with included before.

It doesn't work!

Ok, there might be a few different reasons. The first could be that the page you are trying to visit simply does not work without javascript. Sadly a lot of the modern web will just not work without javascript and it won't tell what is wrong either.

There is also a high chance that this page is not working properly. This page is a bodge so there are quite a few sharp edgesdetails.

I want more! I mean less javascript!

If you like the noscript version of the web I recommend you get a proper noscript extension for your browser. That will give you a much nicer noscript experience compared to this hack.

privacy policy

This page does not collect any personal information, nor does it log anything other than what you share with it. When you connect to the site, we will log your IP. We don't use this for anything other than troubleshooting and abuse prevention. If you use the proxy-mode, then the your traffic will pass trough cloudflare and their privacy-policy will apply.

Comments or feedback?

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[1] Quite often it turns out... actually most of the time... with the exception of a few web apps

[2] Technical details: This page works by leveraging the sandbox attribute of `iframe`, the sandbox attribute allows you to, among other things, disallow the iframe'd page to run javascript.

One of the more common reasons why it does not work is because the page we are trying to view disallows embedding in a <iframe>, for example with X-Frame-Options. This page will try to detect that and suggest you try working around it by passing the request trough a small application/proxy (cloudflare worker) which removes that limitation.