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This is a very early release of, it might break at any time altough I do my best to avoid it.

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The goal of this site is to allow to quickly view a "noscript" version of a webpage, and also to share that version. It's especially useful to get past annoying GDPR consent forms, to disable chatbots and just reduce the amount of annoying javascript.

Sadly, many pages do not work at all without javascript, some just show a "loading" indefinitely, others are just blank and the third ones are just broken. Hopefully the usefulness of this site helps spread the awareness how of often things break for no reason at all except that the developer just assume everyone has and wants to run with javascript enabled.

This page works by leveraging the sandbox attribute of `iframe`, the sandbox attribute allows you to, among other things, disallow the iframe'd page to run javascript. This does not work with all pages, if the page you are trying to load has X-Frame-Options set, the webbrowser will not render it in a `iframe`. To bypass this limitation, also allows you to request the page using a cloudflare-worker-proxy (not currently enabled).

proxy mode

The proxy mode is a optional feature which will proxy the request trough a CloudFlare worker to bypass any X-Frame-Options limitations. This is not enabled by default due to privacy reasons. See the privacy policy to learn more.

If you like the javascript-less version of the web, go get for a much smoother, more reliable and overall nicer experience. This website is a hack for one of script-less shares and those times when you use a browser without support for noscript.

privacy policy

This page does not collect any personal information, nor does it log anything other than what you share with it. When you connect to the site, we will log your IP as is normal with webservers. We don't use this for anything other than troubleshooting and abuse prevention. If you use the proxy-mode, then the cloudflare privacy-policy will apply

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